Brand: Webasto

Manufacturer-country: Germany

WEB-Site: https://www.webasto.com/ru/

«Webasto» grew together with the automobile industry and since 1930th years was more and more focused on growing needs of automobile owners (so, and manufacturers) in the diversified accessories. The company was one of the first to address the problem of optimizing the climate in cars: since 1935, dependent liquid heaters for cars and buses have been produced, since 1939 — for trucks, in 1948 the first independent heater for buses was produced, and by the end of the sixties years «Webasto» offered liquid heaters for any vehicles, and also air for lorries. Since 1965, «Webasto» produces air conditioners for buses and trucks. Currently, the heating and climatic equipment for road, caterpillar and rail transport, as well as for ships, is supplied by the Global Comfort Solutions division of the concern «Webasto». In 2006, to optimize the global supply of finished products and components, as well as providing global service support, the production of all types of equipment for buses was transferred to the formed company «Sphere». Today, a whole «bouquet» of the latest technologies is embodied in the production of «Webasto» — it is enough to mention the evaporative burners and ceramic components of the «Webasto» independent heaters and the unique autonomous air conditioner for city buses Citysphere from «Spheros». Plant of heating systems «Webasto» in Neubrandenburg, Germany — the largest in the world in terms of the volume of production of such systems.

Артикул Бренд Наименование
70678A Webasto Ventilator 24V AT2000
9010621A Webasto Fan Thermo 90ST 24V / VB
65786A Webasto Burner 65786A AT2000 diesel
1302799A Webasto Burner AT2000ST
67955A Webasto Torch AT3500
9010916A Webasto TH90ST Burner
1322585A Webasto Burner AT2000ST (d) / WB
1322924A Webasto Burner without flame and pin sensor
1322584A Webasto Heater burner T90 / 90ST 24V
82306C Webasto Flame sensor AT2000D
1322407A Webasto Flame sensor AT2000D
9010617B Webasto Flame sensor T90ST / WB
0014SGA Webasto Evaporator AIR TOP 2000 S two holes
1302799-O Webasto Evaporator of burner AT2000ST
1302799AST Webasto Evaporative element Webasto Air Top 2000 ST
1302788A Webasto Motor of auxiliary heater AT2000ST 24V
1322586A Webasto AirTop 2000ST 24V gaskets
1322633A Webasto Air blower AirTop 2000 24V
1322696A Webasto Air blower AirTop 2000ST 24V
86116B Webasto Dosing pump AT2000 24V (d) / WB
1322422A Webasto The fuel pump
85105B Webasto Pump fuel AT2000
85155B Webasto Pump fuel Thermo 90 24V / VB
1320294A Webasto Pump fuel Thermo Top, Air Top 24В / ВБ
9012869C Webasto Pump fuel heater independent HL90 / TH90
9010618A Webasto Circulating pump
82419A Webasto Circulation pump 24V TH90 U4846
9034355A Webasto The heater is a stand-alone assembly AT2000ST 24V 2 kW
1322685A Webasto Pump U4846 Thermo 90 24V
65786D-O Webasto RMK burners 65786A AT2000 diesel (mesh)
82302A Webasto RMK gaskets AT2000
1303517A Webasto RMK gaskets AT2000ST
0013SG Webasto Torch mesh Thermo90 Webasto 0013SG 82415a
1302799 Webasto Fiber burner WEB AT2000ST (single hole diesel) 1302799
82307B Webasto Fixing pin 24V AT2000
9005087A Webasto Fixing pin 24V AT2000ST
1322411A Webasto Fixing pin 9005087B 24V AT2000ST
1322408A Webasto Firing pin AirTop 2000 24V
1322851B Webasto The heater motor of the autonomous AT3500 ST