Brand: Valeo

Manufacturer-country: France


Occupying a leading position in the spare parts market, Valeo offers a wide range of high-quality products. VALEO is a recognized professional in the automotive industry in the development and manufacture of radiators, optics and electrical equipment for cars and trucks, buses, tractors and trailers. With the launch of 1100 sets of kits and 700 items of individual parts (including hydraulic stroke limiters and sports clutches), the company continues to develop and expand its product range for passenger cars, light and heavy trucks, and agricultural machinery. The VALEO Group has the strongest position among the manufacturers of clutches in Europe.

Артикул Бренд Наименование
807734 Valeo Clutch Disc 430WGTZ 2 «-10N MB / MAN TGA / TGS / TGX / Bova / Neoplan
882200 Valeo Brake shoes 29061 247.6 * 107.6 * 30 (with installation kit)
405001 Valeo Wiper Motor TGA
830010 Valeo Release bearing KZISZ-5 Scania 4-series
805712 Valeo RMK clutch baskets MAN / MB / Iveco
628700 Valeo Wiper Blade L = 700 OptiBLADE