Brand: TruckTec

Manufacturer-country: Germany


Concern TruckTecAutomotive was established in the late 80-ies in the German city of St. Ingbert. This is a completely family business, the main principles of which have always been the highest quality of manufactured and sold products, as well as a unique service that surrounded all future buyers and partners.

At the time of its creation, the main parts groups were parts for Mercedes-Benz trucks, but over time the production program became wider and wider, absorbing the assortment for other brands, cars, and light commercial vehicles.

Nowadays TruckTec is one of the largest German concerns, employing more than 300 employees, and around the world there are 5 headquarters. Large research centers, warehouses, as well as full integration of products with TecDoc services, have made TruckTec a well-known and popular brand not only in Germany and the European Union, but all over the world. In addition, TruckTec has a statutory and certified supplier of parts for the Mercedes-Benz concern, and several representatives of the company constantly work in its offices.

In 2013, a large-scale program began to expand the warehouse complex TruckTec, which allowed to reach today the mark of 18,000 different items, and the update speed of the new range now varies at the level of 500 — 1000 new positions a year.

All TruckTec products are certified according to all European quality standards ISO, and also have the certificate of the customs union of the EAC.

Артикул Бренд Наименование
01.38.042 Trucktec Fuel separator filter MB Actros MP2 / Atego 2 03->