SONDER company began its development in the 90s of the last century in the ancient city of Nuremberg, not only beautiful but also industrially developed city of Central Germany. The company was founded by two engineer-technologists, Horst Sonard and Fritz Derik. Then the corporate style and the company’s main credo, which were reflected in the name — SONDER — became special.

In a few years, the company has been able to rapidly advance in its development — from a small auto repair shop to a significant trading company that cooperates with major manufacturers in Germany, Italy, and other countries in Europe. Gradually began to change the development trend and technology SONDER. The company opens a modern trade and logistics complex on the outskirts of Lübeck. The area of this complex, which consolidates cargo from all over Europe and the United States, is more than 6000 sq.m.

In 2015, the company decides to enter the Russian market. The solution is due to the rapidly growing truck fleet of European trucks and a large need for spare parts for these vehicles. Continuous advancement, application of quality control at various stages of the movement of goods, from production to trading processes, allowed SONDER to take a stable position in the markets of Europe.

The Sonder range includes brake system components, shock absorbers and airbags, a cooling system and much more.

All Sonder products have been certified in the Russian Federation.

Бренд Артикул Наименование
Sonder 03.006.0004 Shock Absorber rear. (pneumatically) MAN TGA 240/340 (12 * 45/12 * 50) O / O
Sonder 03.006.0006 Cushion in the cockpit front / rear RVI MAGNUM
Sonder 09.003.0002 Pnevmororsora without a glass 2pp.-M12 + 1 aperture. M22 under air.
Sonder 09.003.0010 Pneumosorper assembly with a glass (plastic) 2pp.-M12 + 1 aperture. M22 under the air.
Sonder 13.001.0025 Intercooler Volvo FE / FH / NH-12/16 885 * 915 * 63 240-660HP
Sonder 13.004.0017 Radiator cooling 860 * 964 * 40 (aluminum without frame) Scania R 94-144 DSC11 / DSC16 (95-) 860 * 964 * 40 (aluminum without frame)
Sonder 16.001.0036 Compressor 1 cyl. 1W360R D2066 / 2676 MAN TGA
Sonder 16.001.0066 Compressor 2 cyl. Volvo FH / FM
Sonder 16.007.0009 Floor level crane BPW / MAN / MAZ / Kamaz
Sonder 16.007.0024 Floor level crane BPW / DAF / Schmitz (Wabco version)
Sonder 16.010.0550 RMK support SB3745 / 4345 (small) after 09.02.
Sonder 16.010.0629 RMK support of Knorr SB6 / 7 (guides, bushings with 39 mm seal, bolts, bush, plug. Stub)
Sonder 18.002.0001 Brake shoes 29061 247.6 * 107.6 * 30 (with mounting set)
Sonder 18.002.0002 Brake shoes 29171 210,9 * 108,3 (with installation kit)