Brand: PE

Manufacturer-country: Germany


In 1947 Herman Peters organized a small trading company of the same name Hermann Peters. The company specialized in spare parts for commercial vehicles, passenger cars and motorcycles. From the very beginning of the foundation of the company its main principles were high quality products and loyalty to customers. After the death of Herman Peters in 1967, the new leadership of the company focused on the development of the direction for commercial transport, and it was decided to develop the company’s export supplies. In 1979, PE brand Hermann Peters was registered as a worldwide trademark. In 1998, the company opened its own technology center.

PE company is a supplier having own production of spare parts for cargo and trailers, paying special attention to the components of the braking system and suspension.

PE is a member of the GVA Association, which represents the interests of independent auto parts suppliers, and is also a member of the VDA Association.

The high quality of the company’s products is confirmed by the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000. Finished products undergo a number of serious inspections and quality tests.

Артикул Бренд Наименование
076.510-00 PE COUPLING
066.439-00A PE Brake drum SAF SK RLS, SK RS, SK RS Intraxx 420 * 196 * 227 * 335 * 300 n10 * 23
017.115-00 PE Wheel nut M22x1.5 (with rotating collar)
017.115-00A PE Universal nut HM22 * 1.5-10 / H27 / SW32
039.210-00A PE Corrugated connection 110 * 443 MAN/td>
076.415-10 PE Diaphragm deep «24»
076.969-00A PE Electric cable 4500mm 7/7/15 poles
000.208-00A PE Tachograph card 125 km / h (100 pcs.)
000.208-00 PE Tachograph card up to 125 km / h (100 pcs)
076.415-10A PE Deep Brake Chamber Deep 24
076.511-00 PE The tip of the crane pull of the floor level is 6mm (angular)
070.669-00 PE Brake fork pin 14 * 40 * 45 070.669-00
046.310-00A PE РМК brake shaft BPW on the axle
046.430-00A PE Grease hub (blue) 2.5 kg
076.432-00A PE The energy accumulator (cam brake) TYPE24 / 30 BPW / ROR / DAF / RVI (trailed)
076.432-00 PE Power accumulator 9253713000 24/30