Brand: Monroe

Manufacturer-country: USA


Monroe®, one of the most recognizable automotive brands, represents to the whole world innovative solutions in the market of stroke control components since 1916.

Currently, the range of Monroe includes shock absorbers, racks, springs, mounting and protective kits, spheres, modules, steering parts and suspension.

Our shock absorbers ensure the comfort and safety of the vehicle and constantly push the car industry to develop innovative products.

НFor example, in 1999, Monroe® introduced its ReflexTM shock absorber with a unique valve system. Monroe ReflexTM shock absorbers provide excellent contact of the tire with the coating, while improving the behavior of the car and increasing safety.

In 2005, Monroe introduced the electronic suspension with continuous control — a semi-active suspension system, which achieves the optimum balance between comfort and control. It continuously adjusts the damping level in accordance with road conditions, vehicle dynamics, including speed and maneuvering, as well as the driver’s control. Designed by Tenneco engineers in Europe in cooperation with Öhlins Racing, the electronic suspension with continuous control increases comfort without compromising safety and handling.

Basic facts

  • 24,000 employees worldwide
  • More than 80 production facilities on six continents
  • 14 technical centers around the world


Innovative global ideas for cleaner, quiet, smooth and safe transportation.


  • Working in a team is a complex cooperation.
  • Organizational unity is honesty, fairness and compulsory observance of ethical principles.
  • Trust is to trust and believe in each other.
  • Enthusiasm and perseverance is a constant desire to win now.
  • Equilibrium is a balanced approach to everything that we do.
  • Responsibility is responsibility for one’s actions.
  • Innovation is the desire to find new solutions, using engineering and technical experience and advanced technologies.
  • Continuous improvement is a continuous concentration on achieving more with less.
  • Disciplined performance is the provision of the maximum range of services and goods to customers by achieving goals, standardizing improvements and excellence in the work.
Артикул Бренд Наименование
CB0237 Monroe Cabin Shock Absorber
CB0058 Monroe Shock absorber cabins
CB0184 Monroe Shock absorber Scania P / G / R / T series with pneumatic cylinder
CB0004 Monroe Shock Absorber rear. (without spring) FH12 / 16 363/415 (14 * 45) O / O
CB0007 Monroe Shock Absorber rear. (horizon) Volvo FH 12 233/264 (20 * 45) O / O
CB0034 Monroe Shock Absorber rear. (pneumatically) DAF F95-95XF O / I
CB0006 Monroe Shock Absorber rear. (air) Volvo FH12 / 16 355/410 (14 * 45) O / O
CB0197 Monroe Shock Absorber rear. 287/347 12 * 45/12 * 50 O / O MAN TGA
CB0198 Monroe Shock Absorber rear. O / O MAN TGA
CB0065 Monroe Shock absorber cab / rear. Scania 3-series 240/332 (12 * 40/14 * 50) I / O
CB0044 Monroe Shock absorber cab before. (with springs) DAF 95XF 277/337 (25 * 40/14 * 83) O / I
CB0235 Monroe Shock absorber cab before. (with springs) DAF 95XF 277/337 (25 * 40/14 * 83) O / I
CB0028 Monroe Shock absorber cab before. (without spring) Volvo FH12 / 16 300/428 (14 * 45/20 * 45) O / O
CB0033 Monroe Shock absorber cab before. (pneumatically) DAF F95 / 95XF O / I
CB0201 Monroe Shock absorber cab before. 322/382 12 * 50/12 * 50 O / O MAN TGA
CB0046 Monroe Shock absorber cab before. RVI Premium 212/266 (14 * 45) O / O
CB0010 Monroe Shock absorber cab before. Scania 4-series 206/306 (12 * 93/12 * 25) I / I
CB0199 Monroe Shock absorber cab before. spring. O / O MAN F2000 / TGA / Steyr
CB0040 Monroe Cab Shock Absorber Front FM / FH NEW
F5166 Monroe Suspension damper 260/363 20 * 55/20 * 55 O / O Fruehauf / Gigant / Neway
F5004 Monroe Shock absorber 327/495 24 * 55/24 * 55 O / O BPW / SAF / Schmitz
T5180 Monroe Suspension damper back. 420/670 20 * 62/20 * 50 O / O DAF CF65-XF105
SD0003 Monroe Shock absorber seats RVI / Scania / MB / Volvo
CB0030 Monroe Pillow of the cabin Scania 4 / P / G / R / T series
CB0075 Monroe Cushion in the cockpit front RVI PREMIUM
MK800 Monroe RMK shock absorber cab Volvo FH12