Brand: Majorsell

Manufacturer-country: Great Britain


Majorsell — English quality repair kits compressor. MAJORSELL company was founded in 1980 in England and from that moment it grew from the supplier of spare parts and repair kits to the factory that produces these spare parts on its own. The company manufactures and sells repair kits and spare parts for pneumatic systems and now sells its products to more than 60 countries. The assortment of the company is very extensive and constantly updated with new positions.

Артикул Бренд Наименование
220169 Majorsell Cylinder head of OM457 MB Axor compressor
A66RK030 Majorsell Compressor piston rings STD D = 86 Iveco / Cummins
A66RK036 Majorsell Rings piston d.78 RVI Compressor (per 1 piston)
A67RK013 Majorsell Piston rings d75.0 2.0-2.0-4.0 DAF Compressor
A66RK027 Majorsell Piston rings d75.0 2.0-2.0-4.0 DAF Compressor
A69RK028 Majorsell Piston rings d85 Volvo, Daf Compressor
A78RK024 Majorsell Piston rings Iveco Compressor d.82.0 2.5 * 2.5 * 4
A66RK010 Majorsell Piston rings MB Compressor OM355-366 MAN D08 d.88 2.5-2.5-4
A66RK037 Majorsell Compressor piston rings d = 78 + 0.50mm
A66RK060 Majorsell Piston compressor rings STD d92 LP3980 / 3997 D2066 MAN TGA
20112 Majorsell Piston Kit Compressor LK18 ../ LP49 … STD xxx
20024 Majorsell Piston Kit Compressor Volvo W704 + 0.5
20025 Majorsell Piston Kit Compressor Volvo W704 + 1.0
20076 Majorsell Piston Kit Compressor d75.0 + 0.5 DAF
D66RK035A Majorsell R / k module EBS EA2000
A67RK090 Majorsell Compressor repair kit DAF ICE MX № 1696197
220299 Majorsell Compressor repair kit
E67RK026A Majorsell RMS of the APU air preparation unit
E66RK016A Majorsell RMK air preparation unit EAC RVI Midlum / Magnum / Premium / Kerax
B67RK037A Majorsell RMK valve protective four-circuit
B67RK046A Majorsell RMK valve protective four-circuit FM / FH-9/12/16
B67RK058A Majorsell RMK magnetic valve ECAS
D67RK052A Majorsell RMK accelerator valve MB Actros / DAF / Iveco
A67RK068B Majorsell Compressor compressor (cylinder head gaskets) xxx
A78RK022 Majorsell Compressor compressor ACX83DX (gaskets + valves) full.
A66RK020A Majorsell RMK compressor DAF (gaskets / valves)
A66RK075 Majorsell РМК compressor LK4949 full
A66RK065 Majorsell Compressor compressor LP39 … / LK8901 MAN TGA / TGS / TGX
A66RK005B Majorsell Compressor compressor LP4930 / 85 (gaskets)
A66RK005 Majorsell Compressor compressor LP4930-85 (full) xxx
A66RK034 Majorsell Compressor compressor LP4985 full
A66RK033A Majorsell RMK compressor RVI (gasket + valve)
A66RK033 Majorsell РМК compressor RVI full
A67RK082 Majorsell RMK compressor Wabco 9115045040 full DAF 95XF
A67RK085 Majorsell RMK compressor Wabco two-cylinder (full)
A67RK108 Majorsell Compressor РМК full
A67RK068 Majorsell Compressor РМК full
A66RK069 Majorsell RMK compressor full Scania 4 / P / R / T series
B66RK006A Majorsell RMK crane AE.4604 / 4613/4610/4612
B66RK009A Majorsell RMK crane protective 4-circuit AE4510 / 27/28/29
E67RK014 Majorsell RMK crane desiccant 12,5 bar (lower part) 4324100002
D63RK018A Majorsell RMK crane control EBS trailer
D67RK065A Majorsell RMK crane brake control trailer
D66RK020A Majorsell RMK modulator EBS
D66RK024A Majorsell RMK modulator EBS
D66RK025A Majorsell RMK modulator EBS
D66RK022A Majorsell RMK modulator EBS Scania
D67RK059A Majorsell RMK axis modulator EBS
E66RK003A Majorsell RMK desiccant
E66RK005A Majorsell RMK desiccant LA8….
F77RK033 Majorsell RMK PGU Clutch D = 125 Scania P / G / R / T series
D67RK030A Majorsell RMK Brake Force Regulator MAN / DAF / MB / RVI / Volvo