Knorr-Bremse is Europe’s largest manufacturer of braking systems for heavy vehicles. The company was founded in Berlin in 1905 and subsequently, thanks to its braking systems, which established high technological standards of production in this field, began to cover 90% of Germany’s domestic market. The company offers a complete set of pneumatic and electronic brake systems for production and, accordingly, the market. The range of services offered by Knorr-Bremse is based on the three most important technologies that are used in all systems: mechanics, pneumatics and electronics. As a pioneer in the development of anti-lock systems for heavy equipment, Knorr-Bremse offers high-tech ABS and ASR systems for all types of trucks and trailers. The company Knorr-Bremse received an international certificate QS-9000.

Артикул Бренд Наименование
K048307N50 Knorr 4-circuit safety valve Iveco
K105906N50 Knorr Air preparation unit EAC RVI Midlum / Magnum / Premium / Kerax
K043830N00 Knorr Iveco Stralis air preparation unit
II39782N50 Knorr Trailer control unit EBS
0486205022N50 Knorr Control unit for the EBS trailer MAN / RVI / VOL
0486000134000 Knorr ABS sensor 0,4 m
0486000136000 Knorr ABS Sensor 1000mm
K013741N00 Knorr Motion sensor RVI Magnum DXI / Volvo FH / FM-9/12/16
K013741 Knorr Suspension level sensor
II41300F Knorr Cartridge desiccator DAF CF / LF / XF45 / 55/65/75/85/95
K096837K50 Knorr Filter cartridge Volvo / RVI with installation kit for EAC 2.5
AE4609 Knorr Valve, protective, four-circuit, MAN TGA
II37460 Knorr Valve, protective, four-circuit, MAN TGA
AE4528 Knorr Multi-cycle protection valve
AC157C Knorr Pressure relief valve RVI Midlum / Premium / Kerax / AE / AEMagnum
AC577A Knorr Relay valve DAF CF65 / 75/85 XF95
AC574AXY Knorr Accelerator valve 10 bar Vovlo FH-12-16 / Scania 3 series / Iveco EuroStar / Tech / Trakker / DAF
K046771K50 Knorr Disc Brackets 29061 247.6 * 107.6 * 30 (with the installation kit) technology ProTecS
LP4974 Knorr Compressor
LP4985 Knorr Compressor
LP4815 Knorr Compressor
K118684X00 Knorr Compressor 1 cyl. 1W360R D2066 / 2676 MAN TGA
LP3997 Knorr Compressor 1 cyl. 1W360R D2066 / 2676 MAN TGA
K007254 Knorr Compressor 2 cyl. 2W600R Iveco
LK4941 Knorr Compressor 2 cyl. 2W600R Scania 4 P / R / T series
K016615ES Knorr Compressor 2 cyl. 2W600R Scania 4 P / R / T series
K022263N00 Knorr Compressor 2 cyl. 2W630R Iveco EuroStar Cursor / Stralis
LK4936 Knorr Compressor 2 cyl. 2W630R Iveco EuroStar Cursor / Stralis
LP4851 Knorr Compressor RVI
SEB01545RUN50 Knorr Compressor RVI
1470304 Knorr Compressor Volzhanin dv. Scania with drive (output shaft)
LP4845 Knorr Compressor, pneumatic system
AE1141 Knorr Crane lifting crane
K015384N00 Knorr Crane lifting axle M16x1.5 Schmitz (electric drive)
AC599A Knorr Brake control valve trailer DAF65-95 (RMK 1395582)
K020023N50 Knorr Modulator EBS 2-channel RVI Magnum AE / Premium / Volvo FE / FL / FM9 / B12
0486204025N50 Knorr Modulator EBS 2-channel Volvo FM7 / 9/10 / B12B / M
K021204N50 Knorr Modulator EBS single-channel MAN TGA / TGS / TGS
K020623N50 Knorr Modulator EBS trailer RVI / MAN TGS / TGX / TGA
K020624N50 Knorr Modulator EBS trailer Volvo FH / FM
ES2053 Knorr EBS Single Trailer Modulator
LA8284 Knorr The desiccant
LA8212 Knorr Desiccant with regul. pressure. 12,5-15,5 bar with heating. MAN L / M / F2000 / TGL
K067417K50 Knorr Repair Kit for Support For Knorr-Bremse Type SB6 ../ SB7 ..- Series Trailer BPW SH./SKH.,S..LL 6.5T
K001915 Knorr РМК caliper (guides)
K010603 Knorr RMK support SB3745 / 4345 (small) after 09.02.
K000026 Knorr Brake caliper support SN71 … 72 … 73 … MB, ZF, LIAZ, SAF, Gigant, Evobus, Meritor
K004099 Knorr Brake caliper support SAF
K007475 Knorr Brake caliper support SCHMITZ
K001105 Knorr Brake caliper support SN65 … BPW
VG3208 Knorr Coupling amplifier
K102196 Knorr Filter moisture and oil separator MB cartridge M41 * 2
II40100F Knorr Filter dehumidifier screwing MB, SC, VL, TGA
629683AM Knorr Cylinder CCGT SCANIA 4 (NEW VERS.)
K013727N50 Knorr EHU clutch MAN / DAF / Iveco / RVI
K026896N00 Knorr Power storage tank (disc brake) TYPE16 / 24 BPW / SAF

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