Brand: Hella

Manufacturer-country: Germany

WEB-Site: http://www.hella-russia.ru

Hella is one of the largest and oldest companies in the world selling auto parts and accessories. It has sales offices and partners in more than 100 countries around the world. Thanks to this, Hella provides the auto parts market and garages with a complete and constantly expanding range in areas of core competence: light, electric, electronics and air conditioning. Hella is one of the 100 largest manufacturers in Germany. In total, 22,811 people are employed in the production process at 61 plants, branches and joint ventures in 18 countries. More than 1,800 engineers and technicians are involved in scientific research. The customers are the majority of car manufacturers, as well as spare parts for the secondary market.

Артикул Бренд Наименование
8MV 376 731-481 Hella Volvo coupling
8ML 376 724-381 Hella Intercooler 665 * 892 * 64 MAN TGA / TGS / TGX 2002-> 310-660HP
8KX 707 913-001 Hella Battery terminal «-«
8KX 707 913-011 Hella Battery terminal +
8GH 008 417-012 Hella Incandescent lamp 24V 21W BAY9s Volvo FH / FM
8GA 002 071-241 Hella ЛIncandescent lamp 24V 5W R5W BA15s
8GP 003 594-251 Hella Incandescent lamp 24V 5W W2.1 × 9.5d
8GH 002 089-251 Hella Incandescent lamp H1 24V 70W P14,5s
8GH 002 090-251 Hella Incandescent lamp H3 24V 70W PK22s
8GJ 002 525-251 Hella Incandescent lamp H4 24V 75 / 70W P43t-38
8GH 007 157-241 Hella Incandescent lamp H7 24V 70W PX26d
8GA 002 073-241 Hella Incandescent lamp P21W 24V 21W BA15s
8GA 002 071-251 Hella Incandescent lamp R10W 24V 10W BA15s
8GP 002 067-241 Hella Incandescent lamp T4W 24V 4W BA9s
8GA 006 841-241 Hella Incandescent lamp orange. PY21W 24V BAU 15 s
8GP 002 095-241 Hella Bulb for instrument panel 24V 1,2W
5HL 351 029-101 Hella Heater regulator Volvo FH12
2PF 961 167-021 Hella Lantern overall DAF white
9XW 184 107-221 Hella Wiper Blade 550mm
9XW204587-261 Hella Wiper Blade 650mm
9XW 184 107-261 Hella Wiper Blade 650mm
9XW 184107281 Hella Wiper Blade 700mm