Brand: Fomar

Manufacturer-country: Poland


Fomar Friction is a Polish producer of quality friction materials for the automotive industry. Today the company is one of the ten largest and most successful in Europe. Fomar Friction can rightly be proud of its range, which includes friction pads for trucks, cars, as well as buses and minibuses. Fomar brake pads are quality, safety and reasonable price. The company Fomar Friction has a hundred-year history of development, which is the result of a rich experience in production. This affects the quality of products and the competent conduct of trade. The name of the company changed several times. At first it was known as FOMAR SA, and later as FOMAR ROULUNDS SA. Currently, the controlling shareholder is BORG AUTOMOTIVE A / S (Denmark).

Артикул Бренд Наименование
55674281PRO Fomar Brake shoes 29061 (with mounting kit)
55917381PRO Fomar Brake shoes 29165 (with installation kit)
55917581PRO Fomar Brake shoes 29171 210,9 * 108,3 (with installation kit)
55918181PRO Fomar Brake shoes 29174 249.6 × 106.9 × 29.2 (with mounting set)
65571687N00A8RV Fomar Brake pads 19032 std with rivets
65208400A8RV Fomar Brake pads 19283 420 * 180 std with rivets
65212400A8RV Fomar Brake pads 19496 223 * 178 std with rivets