Brand: Dinex

Manufacturer-country: Denmark

WEB-Site: http://www.dinex.dk

The company specializes in the manufacture of parts for the exhaust system for trucks, buses, minibuses and specialized heavy equipment. The main production facilities of the company are concentrated in Denmark, Germany, Latvia. Spare parts of Dinex production are delivered both to the market Aftermarket, and to factories of manufacturers of special equipment. In the range of Dimex silencers, exhaust pipes, hoses, water cooled pipes, double-walled pipes, diesel catalysts (DOC), diesel filters (DPF), catalyst recovery systems (SCR), etc. All products of the company are certified and comply with ISO standards: 9001 and ISO: 14001.

Артикул Бренд Наименование
81718 Dinex The muffler is a small lion. Volvo FH / FM
49395 Dinex Silencer main MAN TGA
51307 Dinex Silencer main MB Actros (barrel)
68335 Dinex Silencer main Scania 4-series (barrel)
80451 Dinex Silencer main Volvo F / FH12 (barrel)
80402 Dinex Silencer main Volvo FH12 / 16 (barrel small)
84472 Dinex Silencer main vertical Freightliner / Volvo VNL
94125 Dinex Corrugated exhaust pipe D25mm 1m (on the autonomy)
95227 Dinex Stainless steel muffler muffle L = 2 m D = 128
47271 Dinex Corrugated connection 110 * 443 MAN (Stainless steel)
94210 Dinex Corrugated connection 110 × 2000 MAN (zinc)
94227 Dinex Corrugated connection d 128 * 132 (2 m) (zinc)
82140 Dinex Corrugated connection L = 315 mm Volvo FH / FL 12 (stainless steel)
82171 Dinex A glass of the muffler Volvo FH / FL 12 / RVI Magnum DXI
29174 Dinex Iveco Tector silencer pipe
54236 Dinex MB Muffler Tube (Intermediate)
80722 Dinex Silencer pipe Volvo FH / FH (low bed)
82172 Dinex Silencer pipe Volvo FH12
80719 Dinex Silencer pipe Volvo FH12 / 16 (terminal)
47270 Dinex Muffler Tube MAN TGA
29244 Dinex Trumpet of a silencer reception with corrugation Iveco Stralis
99714 Dinex Muffler clamp for MAN
68835 Dinex Scale muffler Scania 4-series
68867 Dinex Scale muffler Scania 4-series
99328 Dinex Clamp Muffler Volvo F / FH12 (Stainless Steel)
99329 Dinex Muffler silencer Volvo F / FH12 (zinc)
80921 Dinex Volvo FL / FH12 silencer muffler
81921 Dinex Volvo FL / FH12 silencer muffler