Brand: Dayco

Manufacturer-country: USA


Dayco is the world’s second largest manufacturer of drive belts and timing belts for cars. Dayco is part of one of the world’s largest automotive components manufacturers — Mark IV Automotive, which in turn is part of the transnational corporation Mark IV Group. Dayco manufactures all types of automotive drive belts and parts, drives for engine attachments for cars and commercial vehicles. The range of products for the spare parts market covers the whole fleet of vehicles within Europe and beyond. In addition to the belts, Dayco produces gear components — tensioners, pulleys, torsional vibration dampers, as well as timing and auxiliary drive sets.

Артикул Бренд Наименование
APV2729 Dayco Belt tensioner D / DC9 / 13 XPI Scania Bus / P / G / R / T series
APV1048 Dayco Iveco Cursor Belt Tensioner
APV1134 Dayco MAN TGA D2066 / 2676 belt tensioner
APV2458 Dayco The belt tensioner MB Actros / Axor Eng.OM501LA, OM502LA steel roller
APV1054 Dayco Belt tensioner RVI Magnum DXi 13 / Volvo FM7-9 (old type) 01-06->
APV1151 Dayco Belt tensioner RVI Magnum DXi 13 / Volvo FM7-9 01-06->
APV2384 Dayco Belt Tensioner Volvo FH / RVI Magnum DXI / Kerax
APV2739 Dayco Belt Tensioner Volvo / RVI
APV1120 Dayco Belt Tensioner Assembly Scania 4-Series DC9 / 11/12
8PK1375HD Dayco Polyclinic belt 8PK1376 TGA
8PK1525 Dayco Poly-V-belt 8PK1525
8PK1535HD Dayco Poly-V-belt 8PK1535
8PK1920HD Dayco Poly-V-belt 8PK1920
APV2382 Dayco Scania additional guide roller
APV2387 Dayco Tensioner roller 74.0 x 38.0 x 38.0 Volvo FH / FM / RVI Premium / Magnum DXI
APV2403 Dayco Tensioner roller 74.15 * 33.9 * 33.9 MAN TGA / TGM / TGL / TGS
APV1121 Dayco Screw tensioner roller Scania 4-series
APV1119 Dayco Belt tensioner roller 38/40 * 73/80 Scania 4-series
APV3064 Dayco Belt tensioner DC9 / 13/16 XPI Scania P / G / R / T
APV2811 Dayco Belt tensioner RVI Premium / Kerax / Volvo FH / FM