Brand: Cojali

Manufacturer-country: Spain

Видеопрезентация Сojali

Cojali Group (Cojali S.L.) was founded in 1991 in Spain and is a manufacturer of spare parts and diagnostic equipment for commercial vehicles, agricultural and off-road vehicles. The company employs 536 people, of whom around 180 are highly qualified engineers and developers in the field of mechanical engineering. To date, the company is represented in more than 110 countries around the world with branches and representative offices in countries such as France, Italy, the USA, Turkey, Russia, China.

The production complex of the company consists of modern buildings equipped with high-tech equipment, and is focused on the serial production of the following groups of spare parts and products:

Viscous clutches of engine cooling system with electronic control

Components of pneumatic systems of vehicles

Pneumohydraulic and pneumoelectric clutch amplifiers

Brake chambers and energy accumulators

Author. brake clearance controllers

Repair kits for pneumatic products and calipers

Switches for comfort and control systems

Sensors and other measuring products

The desire for continuous improvement is one of the foundations of the company, which allows it to develop not only in the secondary market of spare parts, but also to move towards the supply of components to the conveyor of vehicle manufacturers. So, in 2014 the company launched its own ABS system for trailers and semi-trailers — e-ABS, which is delivered to assembly plants in South America, Africa and Asia.

Since 2016, Cojali S.L. is developing for the creation of modern and high-tech products in the field of manufacturers of trucks and trailers on the world market.

In 2017, Cojali S.L. has introduced a separate line for the production of viscous fan clusters with electronic control of the Euro 6 format, which have improved performance characteristics that allow for high-precision regulation of the cooling system and achieve a reduction in fuel consumption of the truck.

Since 2003, the company develops and manufactures Jaltest®, multi-brand and multi-system diagnostic equipment for tractors, trailers, buses, minibuses, agricultural, off-road and water-motor equipment under its trademark. This equipment is a comprehensive solution for any kind of service stations, combining the concepts of professional diagnostics, special engineering functions, technical documentation, enterprise resource planning and much more.

Based on many years of experience, the company transferred its knowledge and capabilities to the monitoring equipment segment. Jaltest-Telematics is the world’s first telematics equipment with remote and multi-brand diagnostics, allowing owners to monitor the status of their vehicles in real time, improve the maintenance process through pre-planning, and minimize the time-finding of the vehicle for repair in the workshop.

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Артикул Бренд Наименование
6001420 Cojali Yellow connecting head with filter without control connector M16 * 1.5 analog Haldex 334085011
2260102 Cojali ABS sensor 0,4 m
2260103 Cojali ABS Sensor 0.4m
2260100 Cojali ABS Sensor 1000mm
2260133 Cojali ABS sensor L = 2650mm Volvo FH / FM right
GK81400 Cojali Wear sensor for MB / DAF / Scania / Iveco 2pin pads.
2260372 Cojali Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor
2260116 Cojali ABS Sensor Cable L = 3000
2322608 Cojali Valve protective four-circuit MAN F2000 / TGA / Iveco / DAF analog Knorr AE4613
2222429 Cojali Valve protective four-circuit Volvo analog Wabco 934 714 140 0
2222437 Cojali Valve protective four-circuit Volvo analog Wabco 934 714 740 0
2223234 Cojali Pressure limiting valve 8.5 bar M16 * 1.5 Volvo / DAF
2215100 Cojali Crane for lifting and lowering manual Iveco / MAN / DAF / RVI / MB / MAN / Volvo / BPW / Schmitz analog Wabco 463 032 020 0
2226301 Cojali Crane of a trailer of a trailer DAF / BPW / Fruehauf analogue 9710021500
2330600 Cojali Trailer brake control valve RVI AE Magnum / Magnum E-Tech / Premium / Kerax
2214403 Cojali Floor level crane BPW / DAF / Schmitz analog Wabco 464 006 100 0
2214401 Cojali Floor level crane BPW / MAN / MAZ / Kamaz analog Wabco 464 006 002 0
2214500 Cojali Floor level cock cock MAN / DAF / RVI / Iveco analog Wabco 4640070010
2210158 Cojali Air drier c regul. pressure. 12,5 bar without heating. MAN F / G90 analog 4324101110
2210159 Cojali Air drier MAN with adj. pressure. and heated analog Wabco 4324101120
2210154 Cojali Dehumidifier with regul. pressure. 8.1 bar with heating. MAN / DAF / Iveco (without filter cartridge)
2210460 Cojali Air drier electronic Volvo c reg / pressure and heater analog Wabco 4324251010
2550304 Cojali PGU clutch Scania analogue Kongsberg 1000178631AM
2260368 Cojali Accelerator pedal potentiometer (black 6-pin)
2220600 Cojali Brake force regulator analog Wabco 4757145000
2220703 Cojali Brake force regulator pneumatic 10 bar DAF analog Wabco 4757155000