Brand: Usmer

Manufacturer-country: Turkey


The company USMER KAUCUK was founded in 1994 in the city of Bursa and in the same year began the production of its products. The plant is located in Izmir and occupies 2500 square meters. m indoor facilities.

The factory produces metal cups, rubber pneumatic bottles and rubber-metal air springs. The company with 15 years of experience and having the ISO 9001: 2000 certificate increases the range of its products and production capacities, introducing the latest achievements of science and technology, technological investments, improved technical knowledge and engineering talent to be the leader in its industry.

About 70% of USMER KAUCUK products are exported directly to customers in Germany, Italy, Greece, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, UAE, Korea, Egypt, Algeria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, China, Syria, Jordan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and New Zealand. It should be noted that the number of countries where USMER KAUCUK exports its products is constantly growing, and the quality, delivery of products on time and customer satisfaction are the prerogative principles of the company.