Brand: TSP

Manufacturer-country: Russia

WEB-Site: http://plast-detal.ru/

The TSP brand is a registered trademark of GTS.

Company «GTS» — wholesale company founded in 2011, is engaged in wholesale of body parts from metal and plastic for European trucks: hoods, wings, baffles, bumpers, etc., as well as optics — headlights and auxiliary lights , rear lights, diffusers for them, as well as mirrors.

The quality of the products is not inferior to the Italian and German counterparts, at a democratic price.

In addition to mirrors in the collection in the range there are glasses of mirrors, mirror covers for common models. All products are certified.

The central warehouse is located in the Tver region, Torzhok, there is also a warehouse in Khimki. The dispatch of goods is carried out by transport companies from Moscow, it is possible to pick up from any of the warehouses.

There is an online store where you can, pick up a spare part, specify the availability, cost and other information about the product, as well as place an order. The site contains the catalog of details, if necessary it can be downloaded in pdf format.

Individual approach, the formation of a warehouse for a client, assistance in selecting details, favorable terms, an individual system of discounts — the advantages of our company.

Артикул Бренд Наименование
T900015 TSP Fork for towing
T740035 TSP Wing back upper without ties