Brand: TORK

Manufacturer-country: Turkey


The company «TORK» is located in Turkey (Istanbul) and produces a wide range of products in three directions:

  • Spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles of French production.
  • Spare parts and components for trucks, trailers and semi-trailers of European manufacture.
  • Manufacture of clamps (automotive and construction), clamps, staples and locks.

The manufacturer achieves a high level of operational and technical characteristics of the products due to the thoughtful organization of the interaction of individual units, the use of modern equipment models, constant quality control and the introduction of training programs and motivation of technical personnel. A striking confirmation of the high quality of products manufactured by Tork is the certification of the management system of enterprises according to ISO 9001/9002, TSE, TUV and GOST-certificates. Using our own unique know-how, innovative technologies and production methods, as well as applying a scientific approach to human resources management issues, help significantly reduce the duration of the production cycle and reduce the cost of products.

The creation in Russia of a logistics center allows to work directly with Russian partners, setting a minimum final price. Thus, Tork products combine low cost and high quality.