Tesla Technics

Brand: Tesla Technics

Manufacturer-country: South Korea

WEB-Site: http://teslatechnics.com

A new unique brand produced by a group of Asian plants (Korea, Taiwan, China). The best developments and quality of the original manufacturers, the prices of the car market, as well as multistage quality control of production.

Before starting a series of starters or generators in the production, the company specialists conduct a series of tests and tests, strictly observing the specification developed at the factories of the original manufacturers. A lineup of 8000 names of starters, generators and accessories. Has no analogues in Russia and Europe. The characteristics are similar to the original units and components that are installed on cars on the conveyor. Many commodity groups are produced in the same factories as original spare parts and mechanisms. The widest range and range of applications

  • motor transport
  • water technology
  • cars
  • cargo and commercial transport
  • agricultural machinery
  • machines and units for special purposes.

Test of finished products:

  • Check the endurance of the design in different temperature modes -40 +50.
  • Vibration testing: 15G acceleration, 10 Hz ~ 1000 Hz, for 8 hours.
  • Continuous testing of the generator installed on the stand, for 1000 hours at a temperature of 95 degrees Celsius.
  • Testing of starters: for cars 10 000 launches; for commercial vehicles 20 000 launches.
  • Secondary tests for obtaining certificates for the world quality standards IS009001, TS16949, IS014001.