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In the modern automobile industry, all systems and units are increasingly saturated with electrical and electronic components. In these conditions, all attention is paid to the quality of products, which means reliability and safety in the operation of these components, systems and units.

TE PARTS is a company whose main activity is the production of electrical components for cargo, passenger and passenger transport. The company has modern technological and verifying equipment, which allows achieving the required results that meet the requirements of the road transport manufacturers.

The efficiency of TE PARTS electrical components under extreme conditions is confirmed by TUV NORD certificates. What determines the quality of TE PARTS products at the level of OE and / or OEM, OES products. In addition, TE PARTS constantly conducts testing of its products in real conditions, when operating on customer equipment in real conditions.

For today the nomenclature of represented production makes four groups of components consisting of several tens / hundreds of articles. The range of products is constantly expanding depending on the requirements of the market.

The main principles of the company in working with buyers are professionalism, responsibility, decency, respectful attitude.

The main task of the company is the most fruitful cooperation with customers on the basis of mutual understanding.

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