Our main warehouse is a modern 4-level complex equipped with shelves with a useful area of more than 12 thousand square meters and accommodating more than 60 thousand different names of spare parts. Developed using the latest methods of storage and access to stored reserves, the warehouse of TruckMotors company corresponds to the most modern norms and rules for the safe storage of spare parts.

Warehouse «TruckMotors»

4 level complex
Holds 60 000 items
Area 12 000 m2

Thanks to the convenient layout of the shelving, our experienced workers will help you assemble and complete your order in the shortest possible time, and the location of the warehouse complex in the immediate vicinity of the office will save time for processing documents and immediately prepare the shipped goods for dispatch.

Using modern and high-quality materials as packaging, we guarantee that the goods sent to your region will be safe and sound.

Flexible working hours of our warehouse will allow us to send goods to you at any convenient time for you.

Also, we have a developed system of regional warehouses with a useful area of more than 5 000 sq.m. , which allows you to get the ordered goods in the shortest possible time.