Se-M lastik A.S.

Brand: Se-M lastik A.S.

Manufacturer-country: Turkey


The company was founded in 1972 in the largest automobile manufacturing center in Turkey — the city of Bursa.

Today, Se-M lastik A.S. This is an ultramodern production complex, including a factory, testing laboratories and a huge logistics center. Leading design engineers, the latest equipment and vast experience in the manufacture of spare parts guarantee an impeccable quality of the products and reliability during the operation of the car.

In the process of production of spare parts, Se-M uses high-tech and modern materials capable of withstanding the maximum load in the Russian climate and roads. The high quality of the supplied products is confirmed by the German Certification Institution and Rostest, as well as TUV, ISO 9001: 2000, ISO / TS 16949: 2002 and GOST R certificates.

Артикул Бренд Наименование
12973 Se-M Lastik Shock Absorber Bolt Shhmitz 1008055
10262 Se-M Lastik Bolt of half-springs M30 * 170-8,8
7920 Se-M Lastik Spring Bushing MAN TGA
7861 Se-M Lastik MB Actros Stabilizer Bushing
8256 Se-M Lastik Spring pin
8265 Se-M Lastik Pinion Spring Scania 36.9 * 166
7992 Se-M Lastik RMK cab front on two sides (bolts, washers, bushings, rings, oil seals) for the whole cabin
1180 Se-M Lastik JCC 40K / 42 RMK (2 covers / 2 pillows / 4 bolts)
10292 Se-M Lastik RMK saddle device JSK37
1127 Se-M Lastik RMK saddles (grab + horseshoe) 37-15A
12081 Se-M Lastik RMK brake shaft BPW on the axle
11967 Se-M Lastik rmk.kabiny DAF105XF 1314545S and 1694967S
7781 Se-M Lastik Silentblock 30 * 57 * 102 BPW (metal / rubber / metal)
8028 Se-M Lastik Silentblock cabin front Scania
9401 Se-M Lastik SAF half-block SAF
8755 Se-M Lastik Silentblock springs 24 * 63 * 86 DAF
7971 Se-M Lastik Silentblock thrust reactive 30 * 60 * 102 BPW (rubber / metal)
8845 Se-M Lastik Intercooler hose. MAN 90 * 290 (red)