May Fren

Brand: May Fren

Manufacturer-country: Turkey


May was founded 25 years ago in the Turkish city of Bursa. Initially, the main direction of production was the production of rubber and rubber products for commercial vehicles and heavy industry.

Since 2002, May production has been reoriented to manufacture parts of the air brake system, which is why the second word Fren was added to the name.

Since 2004, the production program May Fren adds products to the group of repair kits of calipers, which apply all the experience of the past years in the manufacture of rubber and metalworking.

Now May Fren is a modern enterprise that includes not only the production complex, but also a research center engaged in the introduction of new technologies and various technical solutions in the design of new products.

The team of engineers not only improves existing technologies, but also created its own unique complex for diagnosing the brake system of a truck.

All May Fren products are certified and have the most modern certificates of conformity, including the European ISO 9001: 2008, and also the Russian GOST R.

In 2015, it is expected to receive ISO 16949 certification, which imposes more stringent requirements for the manufacture of products and guarantees comparable quality of products with the original.

Артикул Бренд Наименование
3022-06 May PGU clutch RVI / Iveco / MAN analog Wabco 9700514350