Brand: LuK

Manufacturer-country: Germany


LuK — one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive clutches — was founded in 1965 in the town of Bühle (Black Forest). The founder of the company was INA Schaeffler. Products: clutch baskets, driven discs, squeeze bearings, clutch kits, clutch cables, flywheels, power steering pumps, boot’s dampers, bearing bearings, thrust bearing bushings, power steering and engine dampers. Today, every second car in Germany and every fourth in the world comes off the assembly line with a LuK clutch. To date, LuK has more than 1,000 patents for inventions in the field of adhesion. Annually, the company produces more than 12 million couplings for cars and tractors, 3 million two-mass flywheels, 3 million Lock-up systems. One of the manufactures — LuK Fahrzeug-Hydraulik, formerly owned by Vickers, produces hydraulic systems, for example, GUR pumps widely used by high-class car manufacturers.

Артикул Бренд Наименование
542004710 Luk GUR + fuel pump
542 0555 10 Luk Fuel pump