Brand: Frenotruck

Manufacturer-country: Turkey


The brand Frenotruck combines high quality products and reasonable prices. Such a result is achieved by testing all product groups without exception to meet international quality standards. At present, the brand offers such products: water pumps, squeeze bearings, ratchets, flywheel crowns, tailpipes and thrusts, braking system, shock absorbers, air springs, accessories, optics, body parts and more.

Артикул Бренд Наименование
095.557 Frenotruck JOST JSK40,42 support set
075.053 Frenotruck Hood cap without ABS SAF SK RS / RZ / RLS 9042
020.277 Frenotruck Anther dust MAN
080.568 Frenotruck RMK bracket cabin RVI PREMIUM
095.565 Frenotruck РМК saddle supports with 4 bolts + plast.vst Jost JSK 42/42 MK