European Braking Systems

Brand: European Braking Systems

Manufacturer-country: Great Britain


The company European Braking Systems was founded in 1980 in the English city of Manchester, as an independent manufacturer of spare parts for pneumatic systems of trucks.

A great team of engineers, huge production facilities and the latest equipment have made it possible to become one of the best independent suppliers in this group.

The most dynamic company EBS began to develop in the mid-2000s due to the purchase of Abal Engineering Ltd., known to many European buyers for its quality and a wide range of spare parts. It is the channels of distributionAbal that allowed the rapid spread of EBS products and win the trust of customers across Europe.

In 2010, EBS fully bought Abal and made it part of its brand.

Currently, EBS products are known throughout the world, and the guarantee of its high quality is confirmed by all World Standards, including European ISO and Russian GOST R.

Артикул Бренд Наименование
26.01.2900 EBS Air distributor with release valve DAF / Sсania / Krone analog Wabco 9710029020
01-250 EBS Electric cable 4500mm 7/7/15 poles
26.01.H051 EBS Emergency disinfection valve Scania / DAF / Kassbohrer / Schmitz analog AE4247
18021609 EBS Valve, protective, four-circuit, MAN TGA
21.01.4300 EBS Pressure relief valve MAN analog 4750103000
23.01.6001 EBS Accelerator valve 10 bar Vovlo / Scania / Iveco / DAF analogue 9730110020
23.01.5003 EBS Accelerator valve MAN analog 9730060030
26.01.C020 EBS Crane for lifting and lowering manual Iveco / MAN / DAF / RVI / MB / MAN / Volvo / BPW / Shmitz analog 4630320200
23.01.2150 EBS The crane of the brake trailer DAF / BPW / Fruehauf analog 351008022
27.01.3521 EBS Trailer brake control valve 8 bar MAN / MB / Iveco
14.01.3100 EBS Floor level crane BPW / DAF / Schmitz (Wabco version)
14013002 EBS Floor level crane BPW / MAN / MAZ / Kamaz
14021303 EBS Floor level crane Scania 3/4 series / DAF
14.01.3000 EBS Floor level crane Volvo F / FL / FLC / FH / B / DAF (Wabco version 4640060000)
14.01.4001 EBS MAN / DAF / RVI / Iveco cockpit floor level cock
EKPP.3.24B.64 EBS Brake Chamber Membrane Medium 24
05.01.1412 EBS CCGT Coupling MAN analog 9700514120
30302026 EBS Accelerator pedal potentiometer Volvo FH12 / FM7 92-> 98 (oval gray chip, 6 contacts)
15.01.7500 EBS Brake force regulator BPW / SAF / Shmitz / Kogel / Krone / Fruehauf / Iveco / Daf / SC / MB analog 4757145000
15.01.8500 EBS Brake force regulator pneumatic 10 bar DAF
EKWA.63.24 EBS РМК of moisture dehumidifier 4324100022
EKKB.63.3 EBS IWECO Stralis water separator
EKKB.80 EBS RMK valve protective four-loop DAF
EKKB34 EBS RMK crane AE.4604 / 4613/4610/4612
EKKB.63 EBS RMK crane of the dehumidifier Volvo / MAN
EKWA.43 EBS RMK crane braking force regulator (4757110002)
EKBO581 EBS RMK crane control EBS trailer
EKWA588 EBS RMK crane brake control trailer
EKMM.58.5 EBS RMK crane brake control trailer DAF
EKKB.49.1 EBS RMK module EBS Knorr
EKWA.32.1 EBS RMK modulator
EKKB.49.2 EBS RMK modulator EBS
EKKB.49.3 EBS RMK modulator EBS
EKWA.58.12 EBS RMK axis modulator EBS
EKWA2831 EBS RMK Coupling MG Actros MP2
EKWA.57.5 EBS RMK Accelerator Valve Volvo
EKWA.51.15 EBS RMK protective four-circuit valve Volvo FH-934.714.740.0
02.24.3075 EBS The energy accumulator (cam brake) TYPE24 / 30 BPW / ROR / DAF / RVI (trailed)