Brand: DPH

Manufacturer-country: Germany

WEB-Site: http://www.eaton.ru/EatonRU/index.htm

The company DPH (Dichtungspartner Hamburg GmbH) is engaged in the manufacture and sale of flanges, oil-sealed caps, gaskets for engines and gearboxes. The headquarters is in Hamburg. Since its foundation in 1986, the company has won customers all over the world. The reason for this is the relentless movement towards the goal: to supply our customers with the best products, applying all the accumulated experience in the production process and constantly improving the production process, concentrating on quality. The success of the company is also greatly facilitated by the interaction with reliable suppliers of materials, the prompt delivery of goods to customers, the flexibility of pricing policies. DPH products are successfully exported to 19 countries. The quality of DPH products is the result not only of quality control, but mainly of production itself. The company chooses the best suppliers of materials and semi-finished products. With regard to control, then before leaving the factory, the finished products undergo a series of serious inspections. To carry out such inspections, the firm specifically ordered ultra-precise measuring equipment, intelligent cameras for studying the surface of parts.

Артикул Бренд Наименование
84449 DPH The crankshaft oil seal is 135 * 170 * 18 MB / Setra