Brand: Ditas

Manufacturer-country: Turkey

WEB-Site: http://www.ditas.com.tr/ru/ditas-mainpage

DITAS was established in 1972 with the aim of producing a steering steering and suspensions, such as a ball joint, a tip, a steering rod, an axle joint, a lever, a reactive rod and a V-bar. The company started its activities in 1974 and is currently the largest manufacturer of steering in the world, the number of which reaches 6 million pieces a year.

DITAS company provides original high quality spare parts for domestic as well as international car manufacturers, relying as a successful basis of activity in the production of spare parts for more than 40 years of experience.

Due to the quality of products, complex facilities and experience, DITAS has maintained the leadership of the «Original Supplier on the Conveyor» for several years on the World market among the world’s largest manufacturers of steering. In the world market, the company has made significant progress in the process of becoming a well-known brand both in the original (original) production of products and in the sphere of a free aftermarket. In Turkey, DITAS covers 90% of the demand of steering manufacturers for commercial vehicles and 35% of the demand of steering manufacturers for passenger cars. The company DITAS occupies 25% in the aftermarket market.

Operating with experienced and trained staff of 528 employees, in Niğde, in a total area of 252,000 m², DITAS managed to increase its exports by 65% in total sales in 2015. This activity is realized through technical ability of the company to timely fulfill the requirements of customers, testing facilities that simulate the use of vehicles in driving conditions, modern and new mechanisms and flexible production idents processes.

DITAS operates under the concept of «6 Sigma Quality Management», the Russian Federation’s Certificate of Conformity, the ISO 14001: 2004 certificate of the environmental management system, the ISO / TS 16949: 2009 Quality System for Auto Parts and the Ford Q1 quality certificate. Also at the same time is the supplier of «A» class for the largest car manufacturers in Turkey. In 2006, DITAS began working with the SAP system.

Link to catalog: http://www.tmtr.ru/eng/sites/default/files/DITAS_2015.pdf