Since the foundation of CRAFT BEARINGS in 1992, the main activity of the company was the production and sale of industrial bearings. In 2005, CRAFT BEARINGS changed its status, and became not only a trading company, but also an industrial organization. With the assistance of business partners, we invested financial resources in productive automatic lines for manufacturing and assembling bearings. At the enterprise, a target regrouping into two separate areas of activity was carried out: two separate, industrial and commercial ones. This allowed to increase the productivity of the enterprise.

The meeting of shareholders decided to launch a completely new product — hub bearings for commercial vehicles. As a result of fruitful seven-year work in this direction, and in connection with the successes and significant increase in the sales volume of hub bearings it became advisable to create an independent enterprise that would only deal with the production and sale of bearings exclusively of the automotive group. As a result, CRAFT BEARINGS, a subsidiary of CRAFT BEARINGS, was born. The company was founded on the experience gained over a long period of work with the car bearing group by a team of professional employees — engineers and managers who for a long time were responsible for the automotive direction in CRAFT BEARINGS.

Our goal is the delivery of quality products at an affordable price to the customer. The finished products are packed in quality containers after inspection, and transferred to the export department, where the goods are transported to our customers. The company has a well-developed logistics system at its disposal. In different countries, the company is represented by subsidiaries and trading partners-distributors. CRAFT products are delivered to the Baltic countries, the CIS, Europe and other countries.

In addition to retailing, the Tap bearings have found application in many service centers, as well as in large conveyor plants, where our bearings for the axles of the produced vehicles are constantly supplied. The company pays special attention to the expansion of the assortment of automobile bearings, in particular bearings for heavy transport. The stores maintain a strict accounting of commodity balances, which makes it possible to ensure uninterrupted supply of hub bearings to all our customers. Products are distributed from centralized warehouses, and thanks to a well-established logistics system, our customers receive the right products on time. In different countries, the company is represented by subsidiaries and dealer centers.

Today, CRAFT BEARINGS focuses on the following products:

  • tapered roller bearings;
  • repair kits for commercial vehicle hubs;
  • block-type bearing blocks;
  • bearings for transmissions.

Since 2012, we have launched production of repair kits for minivans and vans of European manufacturers.

Over a relatively short period of time, our company has expanded the range of products from 40 to over 200 items. Proportionately increased and the volume of products sold.

Whatever changes occur in the vehicle fleet of commercial vehicles, whatever novelties appear on the market, CRAFT BEARINGS products will always meet the declared quality and meet modern requirements.

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