Brand: BF

Manufacturer-country: Germany


BF supplies spare parts for diesel engines of trucks, vehicles for agriculture, forestry and housing and communal services, construction machinery, ships, locomotives and motor wagons, as well as for stationary engines.

The wide range includes spare parts for engines of such manufacturers as Caterpillar, DAF, Deutz-MWM, KamAZ, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Volvo and many others.

Each engine spare part offered by BF meets the highest quality requirements. This ensures optimum operation of all components of the diesel engine. Spare parts of BF are subject to detailed testing of the first sample and testing in accordance with their specifications. Only after that they arrive at the customers. With the help of instruments for three-dimensional measurement, spectral analysis tools and other modern devices, BF checks the spare parts for the composition of the material, the absence of cracks, compliance with dimensions, hardness and surface roughness. On test benches, dynamic parameters such as unbalance and rotation without radial runout are checked in detail.

Артикул Бренд Наименование
20 100 228 763 BF Distribution shaft MAN D2876 (51.04400.6035) BF
20100346000 BF Distribution Shaft OM457 MB Axor
20 160 228 760 BF Coolant Pump D2866 / 2876 MAN TGA