In the middle of winter TruckMotors company has prepared for our clients a very special event: they can make a unique journey from winter to summer and feel themselves like a real Arab sheikh's!


For the winners we have prepared all the best!

…Adventures in entertainment city Wonderland!

…Warm sea, gentle sunshine, luxury beach!

…Majestic persian architecture and charming luxury of the East!

…SHOPPING with a crazy discounts in the world's largest Megamall in @black week@ days, which takes place once a year, exactly during our trip!

And an exclusive eight-hour safari in the desert!

And all this features will be able in the main residence of the hot summer - in Dubai! A city where luxury has become a tradition and synonym for each inch of space!

The prize poll
First place: Exclusive Dubai trip!
Prize trip will be in January 25 - 31
Second place: iPhone 5 or MacBook Air - your choice!
Third place: iPod touch!


Partners of the event: