Company history

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TruckMotors was established in the Russian Federation in 2001.

In 15 years of productive operation the company became one of three top leaders in its market sector. We are professionals. This fact is proven by continuous development and improvement of our company.

2001 — TruckMotors was established in the Russian Federation, spares first shipments.

2002 — Set-up of a warehouse of 200 square meters and arrangement of direct contracts with European manufacturers. Establishment of TruckMotors own delivery service and the truck spares Web-shop – the first one in Russia.

2004 — Expansion of warehouse space to 800 square meters. New TruckMotors office premises of 180 square meters. Business portfolio – 10 contracts with European manufacturers of spare parts for trucks and buses.

2006 — Product list reaches 8,000 items of 25 biggest world brands, delivery service is expanded.

2008 — TruckMotors matures: warehouse space reaches over 2,500 square meters, office space is 500 square meters, business scope is 38 contracts with European spare parts manufacturers.

2009 – 54 contracts with European producers signed,  delivery service expanded  further, expansion of geography of deliveries.

2012  74 contracts with European brands, grand opening of the first TruckMotors branch in Saint – Petersburg.

2013 – 89 contracts with European brands. Opening new branches in next Russian cities: Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh, Kazan, Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg

2014 – 91 contracts with European brands. Opening biggest own branch in Novosibirsk.

2-nd place of biggest wholesale companies for trucks and trailers spare parts on Russian territory.

Moving our central warehouse to the new facilities over 5000 square meters.

2016 – TruckMotors today is:

  • is one of three top leaders in the field of spare parts and components supplies in the Russian Federation with a huge network of our own retail sales units all over the country;
  • is a long-term partner of 120 well-known European manufacturers of spare parts for DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, RVI, Scania and Volvo trucks, buses trailers and semi-trailers equipped with axes BPW, ROR, SAF and SMB;
  • has over 50,000 spare parts and components at the Moscow central warehouse at any point of time ready for delivery;
  • own's warehousing facilities of over 7,000 square meters;
  • employs a convenient system of prompt selection of the required spares and immediate on-line purchase;
  • maintains a wide sales and delivery network covering the whole territory of the Russian Federation;
  • uses it's own services for fast and reliable deliveries;
  • well-developed network of corporate sales;
  • employs a team of first-class specialists – all staff of TruckMotors have bachelor degree;
  • average age of staff is 33 years;
  • continious to use cutting-edge computing;
  • current branches and representatives – 17.